The holiday season can be tricky depending on what industry a small business operates in. For example, some retailers need to have a strong holiday season, or they’ll miss their sales goals for the whole year. Other businesses may slow down around the holidays. Entrepreneurs in those industries may even enjoy this lull or take a hiatus to spend time with friends and family.

But it can be an excellent idea for all small business owners to try and make the most of the holiday season. Even if it’s a slower time of year, it can provide a real chance to really connect with customers. Traditionally, America’s holiday season starts in November and lasts until Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving has marked the start of the gift-buying season for generations.

There are plenty of ways for businesses to capitalize on this tradition. One of the most important tools for any modern business is social media. Crafting engaging posts regularly is a great way to connect with the target audience. It’s also a good idea to get into the holiday spirit. Putting up decorations can be effective marketing, particularly in retail.

Consider a place like Manhattan at Christmas. People will take special trips to the city to see the windows at stores like American Girl Place and Bergdorf Goodman. There’s no reason people in smaller towns won’t also be impressed by a little holiday magic.

Finally, even businesses that don’t have substantial holiday sales should try and be structured in their approach to the season. Look at last year’s receipts. Set a sales goal, and try to surpass them. Think of it as a game instead of as a chore. Find ways to make holiday marketing fun.

The holidays can be a wonderful time to re-train employees with a focus on excellent service. Even if there are fewer customers, it’s a chance to pour some resources back into the business. The holiday season is a fantastic time to look at the software and other tools and equipment the business uses.

Is there a way to be more efficient? What, if any, cost would that entail? It’s also a perfect time to plan a marketing push for January when people return to their normal working schedules.