Business owners can make their companies more marketable for sale by following these six tips.


Communicate competitive advantages

Buyers have choices when they want to go shopping. They need to understand the characteristics that make a company special. Why should they buy one business instead of another? Sellers need to talk about intellectual property and branding that help the business stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Give the place a makeover

Before selling, companies can replace old equipment, update software, and give the walls a fresh paint job. Consider renovations as investments rather than expenses. Makeovers help companies attract more buyers and demand a higher price point.


Perfect training processes

Sometimes, businesses tank when the founder leaves. Buyers need to know that the business will still run smoothly with a new owner. Onboarding and training procedures must be effective to ensure consistency in company culture and operations.


Diversify revenue sources

A business with one revenue source is risky. What if consumer preferences change? The whole company might decline if the product no longer sells. In contrast, businesses with multiple revenue sources are more attractive to buyers. The business will still be in stable condition if one product underperforms. Another product may negate the effect on net income by overperforming.


Use good photos when advertising

Business owners interested in selling need to let people know. They must launch advertisements on different social media platforms. They can use professional cameras and photography software to create high-quality photos for their advertising efforts. Good visuals grab people’s attention; you must present your business in the best light.


Organize finances

By being transparent with their numbers, business owners give buyers an accurate picture of how they are doing. Buyers need to understand data points such as revenue, profit margin, and fixed costs. They need these numbers to decide whether the company is right for them. Sellers who are not transparent with their numbers risk getting sued. Buyers may feel cheated and file lawsuits for damages. Business owners can avoid this by simply disclosing all numbers upfront. They can also use financial information as another selling point. Buyers want to see a growing net income across several years.


Business owners who follow these six tips will speed up the selling process for their companies.