Having a search engine optimization strategy is very important when it comes to creating content online. It will help improve the quality of your posts and ensure that they are as well-optimized as possible.

Although it can be daunting for new users, plenty of free search engine optimization tools are just as effective.

Rank Math Plugin

One of the most effective tools for optimizing your website’s content is the WordPress plug-in called Rank Math. It allows you to add meta descriptions and structure your data more efficiently.

The goal of the rank math is to provide you with an SEO score for each website page. It then suggests various ways to improve this ranking. With this plug-in, you can also fix dead links and redirect your website’s URLs to new pages.

Yoast SEO Plugin

With the help of the SEO plug-in, you can quickly identify and fix various gaps in your website’s content. You can start optimizing your site by simply installing and activating the tool.

It then suggests various ways to improve ranking. With the help of this tool, you can also set multiple backend settings and enhance the quality of your posts. One of the most important features of this tool is its ability to assign a readability score to every post.

Google Trends

The name of this tool suggests that it can track the popularity of various topics within your industry. With Google Trends, you can then use this information to develop compelling content marketing strategies.

Seeing how people search for specific terms and topics over time is beneficial. Google Trends lets you analyze the changes in the search patterns of people looking for that topic. It also displays the most popular regions and keywords related to that query.

SERP Similarity

If you’re trying to determine if two keywords can be placed on the same page, this tool from Keyword Insights can help you. With this tool, you can quickly see how similar two terms are.

Once you register for the tool, you can quickly compare the results of different search engines for two terms. The paid version of the tool, Keyword Insights, can also help you group up to 2.5 million keywords at once.

Ahrefs Keyword Generator

This tool is helpful for people looking to explore the various features of the Ahrefs suite. It also displays the top 50 questions that are related to the keyword.

The tool’s free version, Ahrefs Keyword Generator, can help you find the top 100 most popular keywords related to your search. It also displays the various details about the search volume and the difficulty level of the first ten words on the list.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console can help you understand how the search engine indexes your website. To use this tool, you must create an account and add your site as a property. After you’ve added your domain, you must confirm that you are the owner before accessing its various features.

The Google Search Console has various useful features, such as diagnosing website technical issues. It can also help you understand the ranking of your site’s content and keywords.