With so many marketing channels out there, it can be hard to know where to start when building a new business.


While it’s easy to struggle and wonder if a business will ever make sales, implementing these seven tips for startups within a marketing strategy will empower a company to make great strides.


  1. Market products with the customer in mind: Always think of the customer first. It’s easier said than done but focusing on what matters most will help ensure that a company is presenting the right message at the right time.


  1. Develop a consistent message across all platforms: It can be tempting to jump from one platform or channel to another without giving enough thought to how they all tie together. 


  1. Promote a product after making it: If a product is not promoted correctly, it is not likely to succeed. By having a well-thought-out business strategy, companies can significantly increase their chances of turning profits.


  1. Find the right audience: Companies should focus on finding the right audience rather than just selling their products. By attracting the appropriate audience, they will also have increased chances of generating more profits and sales.


  1. Use video marketing: Video marketing has become a popular and effective way to reach new audiences. It is also cost-efficient and time-saving compared to creating a group of email newsletters and advertisements.


  1. Leverage social media: Social media platforms have been an integral part of online marketing for quite a long time now. In the past, social media was mostly used as an advertising platform. In the present day, it has also seen the rise of influencers who help in reaching out to a larger audience.


  1. Start a company blog: Bloggers build credibility by publishing content that is relevant to their target audiences. Thus, they can establish themselves as authority figures in their niche. Bloggers can also use their blog posts to generate more traffic, which in turn builds credibility about the company’s products or services.




These marketing tips for entrepreneurs are only the starting point of an entrepreneur’s journey. Entrepreneurs should always be learning more about marketing so that they can consistently improve their business over time.